A little more on banking

Checking the ATM at times can be a little…frustrating to say the least.  When you have your check coming direct deposit down here, it doesn’t always show up at midnight like it does in the States.  Last month it showed up around 10 in the morning.  That gave us a little scare.  This month, we checked it at 10:30 and it didn’t show up.  So, we went to the bank and checked at the ATM there, it was finally there.  Not sure what happened.  One of two things.  It was already there when we checked it and for some reason the first ATM we used just wasn’t updated, maybe because it is not at the bank.  Or, they were late turning on the computers at the bank.  I do believe that they turn everything off at night so there is a backlog in the morning and it just takes it time to catch up.  So, just wanted to let you know that if you move down here and get an account, it is a little slower than in the States.  Your money will be there, just not at midnight like you are used to.  We do keep one account in the States, it is easier for me when I go to the States and the hubby is here.  This way we each have easy access to funds.  If you have an account in the States and don’t want to move your money to a bank down here, be prepared to pay lots of fees.  This is with any bank in the States.  You will pay a conversion fee, from dollars to colones.  Then if you need cash, you better check with your bank first on how much they charge for using an ATM outside of the US.  My bank charges $5 every time I use the ATM, then you might get hit with a charge from the bank down here.  Every so often I get a $12 charge from them.  So, the fees can add up quickly.  Check with your bank first before you leave.

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