I hate to tell you this, but you will never be considered a citizen here in Costa Rica.  You will never have the right to vote.  These rights are strictly reserved for people who are born here.  When you get your residency the first time it will be what is called temporary residency.  You will have to renew this in two years.  After three years of being a temporary resident you can the apply for permanent residency.  Once you have your permanent residency you still cannot vote or be considered a citizen.  They are very strict about immigration and about hiring migrant workers.  As an immigrant you can open and operate a business and earn an income off that business, but you cannot work for a wage in that business.  This is mainly for the pensioner status.  They don’t want you to take the place of local workers.  Basically it is hire them and pay them, but don’t come down here and take jobs away from our people.  Feel free to spend your retirement money though.  I actually like the ideal of it.  It protects their people in the work force.


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  1. I like that concept. It does protect the native workers. Plus, with a country as small as Costa Rica, and its obvious natural appeal, without such laws to prohibit immigrant working, I could see it being overrun with outsiders. This way, with allowing pentioners, retirees, those with their own secure source of income to migrate, that makes sense, the money coming in is secure, being invested in the economy, not taken form. Good info, Cheri, once again!

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