Hospital in Heredia

This is the hospital in Heredia, it is new and very nice.  I believe the construction design is supposed to be earthquake resistant.  I went there this past Monday to attempt to make my appointment for my physical therapy.  But of course my doctor here in town didn’t fill out all the information that was needed, so I have to go back.  It’s not that big of a deal for me and it was not a wasted trip either.  I went with a good friend of mine, who speaks no English at all, so I really got to practice my Spanish.  We also did a little shopping and had a great time.  We had stopped at a small indoor market to get something to eat.  The place we picked only had bar stools to sit on, when we went to go sit down the lady’s working there told us no because they had a table behind the counter that I could sit at.  They had it there especially for people who have disabilities.  I was very surprised.   They were so nice, they do their best to take care of the people here.

On our way back on the bus, which is a couple hour ride, the bus stops at another terminal so you can get out and stretch, get something to snack on or go to the bathroom.  I got out to stretch, at this point I was in a lot of pain, when I looked down and seen a tiny kitten that was in horrible shape.  She looked up at me with this tiny meow, it was almost like she said, “help me.”  My pain vanished and all I could think about was how much pain she was in.  I picked her up and tried to clean her off a little.  I couldn’t just leave her, so I asked the bus driver if I could bring her on the bus, he just said for me to get on through the back door.  I called my husband and told him, I don’t think he was too happy at first.  When I got her home I gave her a bath and could feel every bone in her little body.  She was so emaciated.  I made her some soft food, I have two other cats, and she tore into it.  She was so weak that she could barely hold up her head.  She drank a bunch of water and went to sleep in a large carrier.

The next morning I took her to my vet, another two hour bus ride.  She weighed exactly 500 grams, about a pound.  She is about 7 weeks old.  The vet gave her some medicine, took her temp and did a little lab work, good thing was that she had no fever.  She has a bacterial infection and parasites, she is also a little anemic.  So now she is on two medicines and vitamins and is doing great.  She is already putting on weight and playing constantly, when not napping.  Total cost at the vet, we got two medicines, bottle of vitamins, lab work, 42 pound bag of cat litter, a new litter scoop and two cans of soft kitten food, all for $49.  I have never been able to walk into a vet office before for under $50.  Right now she is in my lap just purring away and being so happy.  My husband has already become attached to her and will not give her up.  I will post some pics of her soon.  Her name is Arainia.


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