I went to go hand my laundry on the line this morning and found this beautiful iguana just hanging out.  I think that she may be living in my ceiling.  During the evenings my husband and I have been hearing noises.  Too big to be a bird and too big to be a gecko.  We have been wondering for a couple of weeks what has been up there.  Well, I think this could be the reason for all the noise.  At least they are vegetarians and completely harmless.  She has been on this post all day now, for at least 4 or 5 hours now, just changing the position she lays in.  She is a very beautiful one with great color, her tail is around 3 feet long.  Love it here!


Olive throated parakeets


There are at least 11 Olive Throated Parakeets in this photo.  If you find more let me know.  I saw these the other morning across from my house.  They are usually found on the Caribbean slopes, but they must be doing some migrating right now.  By car we are only about two and a half hours from the east coast, but this is pretty far inland for these guys.  They make a heck of a noise also, but we don’t mind.