Getting stuff done


This is our neighbor, Carlos.  He has done all the work on our house for us.  Down here almost all of the roofs are metal and need to be painted in order to prevent them from rusting.  This paint is not cheap, to say the least.  We also chose a very unusual color for our roof, white.  Most people have them painted red or green.  The red and green cover better and the red will not show rust as bad.  But of course those colors would not match my cute little lilac and white house.  Also, white will help to reflect the heat of the sun and keep the house a little cooler.  Carlos is a very hard worker and has done everything wonderfully.  If something hasn’t looked right, he made it right.  He takes great pride in his work.  Just this month we had him extend the roof out on the other side of the house and extend our outdoor patio and then paint the roof.  He is also the same person we bought the house off of.  I am glad that we met him.

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