Soft spot for animals


So, I have this really soft spot for animals that need help.  This is Duke.  He literally showed up at my front door last month.  He was very emaciated.  We didn’t know what to think of each other at first, we both jumped when we saw each other.  I took a chance and put my hand out…he licked it and wagged his tail.  I called to my husband who came around to the front of the house and Duke went to him and just wanted some lovin’s.  I don’t have the dog from before, I found him a great home with a great kid.  I didn’t have any dog food so I gave him some cat food.  I think that is why he came to our door, he smelled the cat food.  He showed up on a Friday, the day before I was telling my husband, “I wouldn’t mind having a dog, if he was a little older, used to being outside and didn’t bark at everything.”  I got exactly what I asked for.  He rarely every barks, but when he does the whole neighborhood knows.  He has put on at least 15 pounds this month already!  He has been to the vet and is getting his vaccinations.  He is a big lover with us, but very protective.  He is mostly German Shepherd.  I will say though, that he hates weed eaters!  He almost ripped the leg off the guy that cuts our yard, luckily we got there in time to prevent any damage.  He listens very well to us and is very intelligent.  I feel a lot better having him here.  We hardly ever have to chain him up, he stays right around the house.  I even learned how to bake homemade dog biscuits for him and he loves them. I do believe that this dog had a guardian angle, guiding him to our house.  I had never seen him before in our area, we have a lot of stray dogs around.  He is a very good boy and I already love him.


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