The cone of shame


My poor baby.  She got fixed at the beginning of March and hated the cone.  I felt so bad for her.  Luckily though she didn’t have to wear it all the time.  I did have a big problem though when I got her home.  My other cat, Spot, who was her best play mate no longer recognized her.  She had to stay over night at the vets.  She came home with all these different scents on her.  It took him several weeks just to get close to her again.  It was so sad.  She couldn’t figure out why he was being so mean to her.  He would walk up to her and hiss, growl, spit and then hit her on the head.  The look on her face was that of total sadness, I do believe she was crying.  But now they are doing better, still not like they used to be, but better.  Spot is still a little stand offish with her, but at least they are playing together again.  Arainia is our little Princess Purrs a lot.  I am so glad that I found her that fateful day back in November.


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