Couch surfing

I signed up for this group on the internet called couchsurfing.  I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but we have had some pretty cool people stay with us so far.  Basically what it is, people who are traveling around the world and need places to stay for a few nights and instead of getting a hotel room, they look for people who has a couch that they can sleep on.  It’s a neat way to meet people and learn about other cultures.  The first time we had two girls stay with us from Norway. They were so nice and a lot of fun.  Right now we have a lady staying with us from the States, but she was originally born in Israel.  Very nice woman.  I can’t get out much these days, so it is nice to have people come here.  I didn’t know anything about this until I seen an article on it from one of our local papers about it.  They had posted it on Facebook.  Next month we are supposed to have a couple stay with us from Canada.  Looking forward to meeting them.  You can end up in some really nice places and I know you can end up in some not so nice ones.  But at least you always get a place to rest your head at the end of the day.  It’s a great way for people to travel who have a very limited budget, plus it gives you money to do other things.  If you are interested it is


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