It’s the little things

Well, since we have decided to stay here we have been working towards making the house more comfy.  Last month we invested in a new fridge.  Our last one was only three and a half feet tall and I had to defrost the ice box every two weeks.  So happy to have a big one that I don’t have to defrost.  Yesterday while I was out I saw a nice dinning table and chairs.  The one we had was literally falling apart.  We already lost one chair, while my husband was sitting in it!  This one is very nice, a very hard and heavy wood, it will last.   The old table, we put on the patio and just use the plastic chairs with it.  It’s nice to have a table outside now.   We were going to try to finance the new one so we wouldn’t have to shell out that much at once, but they wanted a co-signer.  So, since we didn’t finance it, they gave me an extra year on the warranty.  The new fridge actually has a 10 year warranty on it.  We still have so much to do.  We are still hooked up to our neighbors water line.  We need to get our own meter and have the lines put in.  We still need gutters on the house also.  We really want to enclose the side patio as well, stepping stones from the gate to the front porch would be awesome.  That would make it a lot nicer during the rainy season.  We still don’t have ceramic tile in the house, our floor is concrete.  Then there is our poor fence…it’s slowly giving into the weather.  It’s just going to take time.  We did just hire a new cleaning lady today also.  About $15 a day, once a week.  This will help me out so much with my back and hip problems.  Plus, the hubby has problems with his knees and shoulders.  (Retired USPS carrier.)  Just a few little things happening around here right now.  But it’s the little things that keep us happy.  You have to treasure them, if you don’t treasure the little things, you can’t appreciate the big things.

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  1. You are truly inspiring! I’m sure you get a lot of people asking about how to start a new life in a new place like Costa Rica, but we must also remember that we are living in a new place – not vacationing…we still have to work, just in a much more fulfilling way. =) Can’t wait to move out of the Country and get back in touch with Mother Nature. =)

    • The area we are in is very beautiful, not crowded, and lots of nature. We do get lots of people asking us about moving down here. Living here is very different from vacationing, that is for sure.

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