I know it’s been a while

I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything.  Sorry.  I have been busy with dogs.  About a month ago I had a very shy and thin dog show up at my house.  She was scared at first, but I manged to gain her trust.  I named her Grace.  She looks to be part shepherd and part black lab.  She is very sweet.  She got sick on us and I rushed her to the vet.  We had blood work done and an ultrasound.  Turns out she had three different infections, plus anemia and an extremely low blood platelet count.  She got lots of medicine and three different injections.  She is doing pretty good now.  She has put on some weight and looking good.  Well, a week ago, we have a small dog, part Chihuahua follow us home.  We tried to shoo her away, but when I woke up on a Sunday morning, there she was on my front porch.  She ended up attaching herself to my husband.  Turns out she is pregnant.  Now we have two cats, two dogs, and more on the way.  I do love animals.  But this got me thinking.  We live here in a rural area of the country, most people don’t make that much money, but most people have at least one dog.  It is difficult for them to afford basic veterinary care.  I am trying to start a non-profit organization to help low income families with this.  I want to help them get their pets spayed/neutered also.  We do have a serious dog population problem down here.  The thing is, I need help.  We live on a fixed income.  If you can’t donate, I do understand. All I ask is that you share the post for the donation site, please.  Grace is on the right and Peanut is on the left.

Thank you.





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