Why not to live at the beach

I always have people ask me, “Why don’t you live at the beach?”  It’s constant too, and it can get a little frustrating explaining it over and over.  So, I will put it out there for everyone to read about.  It’s pretty simple.  Everyone always thinks, oh you live in Costa Rica, you must love the beach and live by it.  You must spend all your time on the beach.  Well, I have lived here for three years and have been to the beach once since living here.  A beach is a beach, no matter what country you live in.  Yes, some are prettier than others; some are better for surfing, others better for snorkeling.   But there is so much more to Costa Rica than the beach.  My main reasons for not living there. Where ever you have more tourist, you have more crime.  Even if it is only petty theft, it happens more often.  Then, there is the flooding.  This is a rain forest, it rains a lot here, and in the “green” season, the beaches often get flooded due to the run off.  Then, if there is a big storm, you have the devastating waves that come in and flood everything.  Right now in one area there are a lot of people being evacuated due to the flooding.  In one lovely beach area, they are actually having water shortages.  Yes, you read that right, water shortages in a rain forest.  During the dry season these people get put on water hours and go 8-10 hours a day without running water.  There are just too many people there to supply the demand.  In a beautiful, very popular resort area, beach there s a huge drug and prostitution problem.  It is fine if you are staying confined to the resorts and not going out at night.  But who wants to do that?  Then, there is the constant sand.  I have enough of a hard time cleaning due to my back problems, I don’t need to be sweeping sand up every time I turn around.  So, that is why I don’t live by the beach.

Now, where I live is very inland.  I am surrounded by forest and animals.  I see the Great Green Macaws flying over my house, I see the Blue Morpho Butterfly fluttering through my yard.  I see toucans up close and so many other wonderful and beautiful birds full of color just from my patio.  I have also seen iguanas in my yard and basilisks.   The people in my town are amazing, friendly, helpful, and outgoing.  Today we were at the hardware store and asked about renting a pressure washer.  The owner said we could just use his and bring it back when we were done.  Got home and needed a wheel barrel, borrowed one from a neighbor, no problem.  People here are so laid back it’s almost unbelievable.  Then people ask me why I want to move.  I just want to see more of the world.  I love to travel and I want to see more.  So, if you know anyone who wants to buy a house here in La Virgen Costa Rica for $40,000 USD fully furnished, let me know.  I will be sad to go, but I will be happy to continue on our adventure.  There is a lot to do in our area, it is called Sarapiqui.  Still not completely discovered, but a lot to do.  Easy to get anywhere from here and a joy to come back to.  May you all have a wonderful day/night.  Pura Vida!

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