A few things you should know

Well, here I go again.  We have decided to stay here, and why not?  We have great neighbors, our house payment is under $300 a month, our utilities are around $40, water is about $7, phone and internet is $40,  and we love our community.  I have a great cleaning lady that now comes four days a week.  So, we have decided to do some traveling.  Thinking of going to Scotland next year, can’t wait!

Things to know about living in Costa Rica though.  It is a rainforest, which means rain.  It also means bugs.  Lots of bugs.  If you can’t handle them, don’t move here.  We live in a very rural community and pretty much right in the rainforest.  When it rains, ants head for dryer ground, which usually means in your house.  I have lots and lots of Tupperware.  Tupperware is pretty much a must.  I keep my sugar, coffee, flour, rice, bread, cereal, brown sugar, and so much more in them.  I have a small fortune in Tupperware now.  Even with my house being cleaned 4 days a week, they still come in.  It happens, you get used to it.  The only time I worry about them is when it is the entire colony on the move.  I have battled a few colonies and won!  Termites is the one of the other ones, those bastards can be destructive!  I freaking hate termites, I think more than ants just because of the damage I know they can do.  My house is concrete, but we have wood beams in the ceiling.  We do spray every so often as a preventative measure.  Something you always need to be on the look out for.  The last thing when it comes to bugs is cockroaches.  They thrive in this environment.  It is their natural habitat.  If you see one, it doesn’t mean that your house is dirty.  They happen, nothing you can do about them.  You will see one, just kill it.  Some of them fly also!  Like I said, my house gets thoroughly cleaned four days a week and when my cleaning lady is not here I am always wiping stuff down.  I have seen them here too.

One of the other weird things about Central America, is that you don’t put toilet paper in the toilet.  It goes in the garbage can.  I know it is like this in other countries also.  We don’t have the big septic systems like you do in the States.  This took a little getting used to.  It may seem gross to a lot of you, but it’s what we do here.  If you change out the bag every other day it doesn’t smell.

So, that is some of the things that we do go through here.  But I love it.  These things don’t happened everyday or every week, but they happen.  I have gone months at a time without seeing a colony of ants trying to move in, I have gone months at a time without seeing a cockroach.  But I know they are out there.  I also have two indoor cats that help keep on the look out for certain bugs. Also, don’t be alarmed if you here a laughing sound while you are taking a shower, it is just a gecko!  I have several that live in my ceiling, they eat bugs so I love them.  It was definitely something to get used to down here, but I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  My husband and I had a very long talk about things and we believe this is our best decision to stay here.  We have it great here, why give that up and start over, again?  It would be stupid.

I hope you enjoyed this little lesson from me.  If you have any questions, just ask.


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