The good with the bad

I know I haven’t been keeping up on this, and for that, I am sorry.  The hubby and I sat down one night and had a very long conversation about moving and staying here.  We really have it good here.  Great neighbors, great friends who are like family.  Why leave all that just to start over again?  I have a wonderful cleaning lady that comes twice a week and does a great job.  So, here we are.  It does feel like home here.  We have been here over three and a half years now, we love it.  We walk to town and people wave and say hello to us.  Even the bus drivers will honk and wave at us, they know us.  We still don’t have a car, but that is on our list of things to purchase.  For the past several years, everything has been going into the house.  We bought it and it was a shell.  It had walls and a roof, didn’t even have a ceiling.  It was a typical Tico house.  Paid $30,000 for it.  We did take out a mortgage on it, interest rates here are very high.  But it is establishing our credit for here.  We talked to our neighbor, he actually built this house, about adding on a second story.  No problem…almost.  Where I was originally going to put the stairs, not enough room to get the height needed.  So, I moved them to the outside patio.  Yup, that is my plan.  The patio is completely enclosed, we had all of that added on, so they will be secure.  Next problem.  I have indoor cats, how are they supposed to get up and down without going outside? Simple, cut a whole in the ceiling/floor and put in cat stairs.  I think my neighbor is going to end up hating me.  I know, I am a crazy cat lady, but hey, they are my kids.  Object of this whole thing is to create a large living room in the down stairs, keep one small bedroom and the small bathroom down stairs and then put in two large bedrooms upstairs with a large bathroom.  Oh, and I get a walk in closet! We would also have a nice balcony there, which would be great for bird watching. Tico houses are usually very small.  I would like to just to be able to move around my bedroom with having to move the fan out of the way.  Right now all the bedrooms and living room are a small 10×10, and that’s it.  But, it is home to me.  We are really hoping that this works out, it will require to take out a construction loan.  Hoping to refinance, get a lower interest rate and get the home improvement loan with it.  I know that when we get done the house will be worth more than twice what we paid for it.  Have to wait for the dry season to even think about this.  It has been raining like cats and dogs these past few months, but it is a rainforest.  Prettier days are coming, we have been seeing some of the seasonal birds return, like the Golden Hooded Tanager.  They are beautiful.  We have spent weeks griping about the rain, soon we will be complaining about the heat.  Isn’t that how it always works?


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