Back to the emergency clinic

I finally broke down and went to the clinic yesterday.  I kept putting it off for almost a week.  I have a very weak left ankle that I have sprained several times over the years.  I thought I had just done the same.  After a few days I noticed that the pain didn’t feel like a normal sprain so the hubby wrapped it up for me and I went about my business.  Then I drove Sunday morning, we have a standard shift.  Got home and was in incredible pain.  Took some ibuprofen and tried to rest it.  That wasn’t helping things.  The limping got worse which was starting to cause my right hip to hurt.  Finally I said the heck with it and decided to go.  It was in the afternoon after going to the supermarket that I really said I have to go.

We went down to our local clinic, which is very close to our house.  The doctor was already getting ready to leave at 3 pm.  This is about the normal time for the clinic to close here.  So, they sent us down to the emergency clinic that is a few towns over. Not a big deal for us.  We get there and I go up to the window, show them my ID, insurance card, and proof that we have paid the insurance.  I take a seat and in a few minutes they take me back to get my vitals and to find out what was going on.  The nurse was very nice and patient with me as my Spanish still needs improving.  I get that done and take another seat in the waiting area which is actually outside; at least it was covered.

We waited a while and the doctor finally called me back.  She was a young doctor and super sweet.  She could understand my Spanglish and actually asked me if I could teach her English.  I don’t think I could really teach an adult English; it is easier to teach kids a foreign language.  She examined my foot and ankle and decided it was tendinitis of the Achilles.  No bruising or swelling so it was obvious that nothing is broken; I also have a medical degree.  She ordered me up an injection for pain and swelling, wrote me a prescription for anti-inflammatory’s and a steroid.

We left our house yesterday around 3 pm.  We were out of the emergency clinic around 5 pm, don’t forget the 30 minute drive to get there.  So, all in all, we were probably only at the clinic for just over an hour, that included getting my prescriptions right there at the clinic too.  All clinics have a pharmacy in them, this way you don’t have to go and find one.  Total cost of yesterdays adventure, $0.  Everything was completely covered by the CAJA, which is the Costa Rican Social Security.  The cost of the CAJA is based off of your income.  We are pensioners so we pay just under $100 a month.  If you get another type of residency it is different.  I can only give you information on what it is like to be a pensioner here.

So, still got the ankle wrapped up, taking my medication like a good girl, and trying to rest it.  I keep smiling though and loving life.  Pura Vida!


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