Tico Time

Now this is something that really took some getting used to because where I am from everyone is always early.  Here, we have what is called Tico Time.  Tico Time is getting things done and/or being somewhere whenever they get done or whenever they get there.  It is no specific time, they are always late.  If you invite someone to your house and you want them there at three, tell them to be there at two and they might be on time.  Ticos are never in a hurry to get things done, unless they are driving.  They are the most laid back and relaxed people I have ever met, unless they are driving.  That is a whole other blog post.  Also, when it comes to having something installed, like internet, just be patient and be prepared to wait.  They will eventually get there, don’t plan anything for the week of the appointment and plan on being close to home so you can get there when they show up.  Another thing, they will tell you mañana, which literally means tomorrow, but here that could mean next week.  Sometimes it can mean next month, or I will eventually get to it when I can.  It is almost as if time does not exist or is even important to most people.  Things get done when things get done.  You have to learn to be patient and go with the flow.  Now, there are times when this can be a serious problem like in cases of an emergency.  But don’t get angry, just relax and be nice, this will get things done much easier.  If you are unpleasant with them, they will not want to be around you and will push you away and make you wait even longer.  You can kindly let them know of your disappointment in the situation, but don’t yell, scream, or cuss them out, that will just get you kicked out of somewhere.  I have met some of the sweetest, kindest, and wonderful people since moving here.  Friends that I consider to be my family now.  You just have to remember to be patient and kind.  Every time I go out I am smiling, and they smile back.  So, until mañana, Pura Vida!

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