Small town life

There are so many things that I truly love about living in a small town in Costa Rica.  But today was awesome.  The area I live in, Sarapiqui, has been having lots of rain and flooding.  Many people are displaced and in need of help.  The husband and I went out today, I really needed to get out, and took a drive.  We were mainly on a mission to go to the eye doctor for a quick exam.  We had to travel a few towns over for this, not a big deal really; but along the way we could see the river was receding in our area.  We could see lots of trees washed up along the river banks, even saw a huge tree on its side in someone’s yard.  But you could also see people sitting at a soda having lunch and taking it easy.  People sitting on their porch with their family relaxing.  It was nice to see.  We got down to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, driving through town we noticed the Red Cross, there were so many people there working.  More ambulances than I have ever seen there, more people in uniform than ever before. Looked like everyone was working a double shift.  Police were out in full swing patrolling the streets.  You could see aid packages being unloaded from trucks.  It looked as if everyone was working together.  Police were talking to people on the streets, no one looked like they were in any confrontation with them either.  It was a relaxing atmosphere.

Well, we stopped by the post office and checked the mail.  Still didn’t get my package, it was probably confiscated.  Too bad, I was looking forward to making some really good chili with those spices.  After that we went to the eye doctor, she was supposed to open at one after lunch, it was 1:20 and she still wasn’t back…Tico time see previous post.  So we stopped into a soda and got a very yummy chicken empanada and a Coca-Cola.  Decided to check the eye doctor again; yup she was back.  We walk in without any appointment and ask about getting the husband and eye exam.  No problem, what’s his name and have a seat.  We wait a whole ten minutes and he is taken back and of course I have to go with him.  Poor hubby has hearing problems and hasn’t been able to learn Spanish no matter how hard he has tried.  He has really tried too.  I tell the doctor what has been going on, he had been getting headaches and thinks it is the glasses.  Well, we were right.  The doctor was very awesome, super friendly, constantly smiling.  She knew very little English, but we got through everything.  We discussed our options with the glasses and which type of bifocals he wanted.  I let her know that he really loves the frames that he already has because they actually fit him perfect and are in great shape.  No problem using them again and just getting new lenses.  The cost of the eye exam was 2,000 colones, under $4 right now.  Cost of the new lenses for lined bifocals, 17,000 colones, under $34.  We will take that!  For no line bifocals it would have been 34,000 colones, under $68.  But we are trying to save a few colones here and there.  (Last time we got our eyes checked we were in a bigger town and the cost was 5,000 colones.)

I don’t think this eye doctor gets very many gringo patients because she seemed super excited to work with us.  She has a very simple office, nothing fancy, could definitely use a paint job.  But her professionalism was above and beyond what I expected.  She used the old glasses type apparatus to get your prescription, so she is manually picking up different lenses to insert into the glasses instead of just flipping them.  This is a much harder and longer process.  Hubby loved the prescription and was reading things perfectly clear.  No shadows or blurs when she was done.  I will be going back to get my eyes checked with her soon also.  I would also recommend her anyone in this area.  She was an absolute joy to be around.  Pura Vida!

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