Baby Bruno

I woke up this morning to my dog telling me that he needed out.  He is so funny about it as he just looks at me and I can feel him staring at me from the other room.  I will hear him shake his body when he stands up and then feel the stare down.  He is a rather big boy, about 60 pounds and we adopted him two months ago today!  We had to drive all the way down to San Jose to get him, just over two hours each way.  He was in a foster home for less than a week when we picked him up.  He had been beaten and left without food for a long time.  He was very sick and emaciated.  The people who rescued him had to get the police involved to get him removed from the home.  They took him to the vet and got him on a couple of different medications for infections.  On the way home, I rode in the back seat with him and he sat in my lap almost the entire way home.  All he could do was just smile.  He even gave me a couple of kisses on the way home.  This poor dog had the worst case of diarrhea that I had ever seen in any animal, it was straight up water.  We were so afraid of him getting dehydrated it wasn’t funny.

We brought him home on a Saturday and that Monday I took him to my local vet to get checked out by  him.   My vet immediately fell in love with him.  He couldn’t get over how sweet he was.  He got me some vitamins and some anti-diarrhea medication to go with his other meds and home we went.  He started doing better the following week, but then he started again.  This time I took him to my other vet that speaks English.  Her office is much farther away from us and I only go to her if I need to communicate really well or I believe there is a major problem that needs to be tested for.  My local vet is wonderful, but his office is very small and doesn’t have a lot of the equipment that she has.  We did so many tests that day, poor thing was starting to get frustrated with us.  He was so tired of getting poked and prodded in places that should not be prodded.  Every test she ran kept coming up negative, which is really a good thing.  From there we decided just to try switching his food.  Wouldn’t you know it, that worked!  He started getting so much better, then we gave him a bone.  A real bone from a cow and he started getting sick again.  He didn’t want to walk very far, he didn’t want to play, he wasn’t eating very much at all and not drinking a lot either.  Back to the vet.  I take him back to my local guy.  Too much fat on the bones, his body can’t handle it.  It caused him to get dehydrated.  Thank God this guy is awesome because I didn’t actually have the money at the time for this.  He told me not to worry about it and pay him when I could.  (Love living in a small town.)  It took me two weeks to finally be able to pay him as they had moved buildings and didn’t have their credit card machine working yet.  I think I went in four different times to try to pay and they phone company kept telling them mañana, so that is what they had to tell me.  We actually got a good laugh out of it.  (It is easier to use my card here as credit than to pay the ATM fees as it is still in the US.)  Finally when my husband was with me he said chuck it and used his card at the ATM to pay them.  His account is here though.  By the time I paid the bill I had several bags of dog food on it, flea medication, and the cost of the vet bill for the IV and treatment.  I think it was right around $70 for everything.  Not a bad deal.

So today I take Bruno back to the vet to start his vaccinations, as I have no idea which ones he had or when.  We walk in and my vet just smile ear to ear!  He couldn’t get over how beautiful he looks.  He has put on a lot of weight and muscle and has turned into a really handsome dog.  He is so sweet and gentle, as long as he knows you.  When I get him in the morning to take him out he gives me a little kiss on the side of my face.  If I let him he would curl up in my lap, which he has done before.  All he asks is to be loved.  I am so glad that he is a part of our little family here, he has been a wonderful addition to it.

This is the first day we brought Bruno home.


At the vet, he just fell in love with him.


Getting his IV and medications.  He was so good that day.


This was under a month ago.


This was not too long ago.  He looks so much better now.  After his vaccinations he will be getting fixed.  He is our big baby Bruno.  He is an American Stanford.


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