Important decisions

The husband and I had been trying to sell the house.  We were thinking of going to either Nicaragua or Panama.  Our main reason for this was the cost of living.  It is high in Costa Rica when compared to other countries in Central America.  But we sat down and really talked about things.  We aren’t getting any younger, we had to have one of those conversations that you hate having when you get older.  At our age, why would we want to go through this whole process again of immigrating to another country.  That is a lot of time and money right there.  Plus, getting all the paperwork to take the pets and take them on the long trip.  The main thing that got us is that we bought this house.  Yes, we do still have a mortgage, but it’s not that much.  If we move to another country we would be going back to renting.  Again, at our age that could be a problem.  If something happens to one of us, the benefits are going to be cut down and it will make it difficult to afford rent with everything else.  If we stay here, the house can be paid for and the other one will always have a place to live.  So, we took the sign down today.  We figured why not just stay here?  We have great friends, neighbors that treat us like family, completely covered healthcare, and it is a great town that we live in.  I asked our neighbor the other day if he would cut down a tree for us in the yard; it was really in the way and causing problems with the car.  My husband and I both asked him how much to cut it down and he told us nothing.  His son even came over and helped him remove it from the yard. I think I need to bake him a cake or something for this.  We have planted other trees in the yard.  This tree though was going into our power and internet lines, the leaves were very small and falling into the car clogging up the vents also.  So now that it is out of the way we can also build our car port; if it ever stops raining.  We have a lot of plans for our little home.  We have been slowly adding to it since we bought it, it was an ugly little house and now it is a beautiful little home.  My new cleaning lady started today and she did an amazing job!  Very happy with her right now.  So, here we are and we aren’t going anywhere.  Until manaña, Pura Vida!  (Oh, and if you can’t tell…I love the color purple!)

When we first bought the house.

When we first bought the house.

The house after a lot of work. ( The roof is now green though.)

The house after a lot of work. ( The roof is now green though.)


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