Homeless and Helpless

Two weeks ago my husband and I made a trip up to Nuevo Arenal.  It is a great little town, very beautiful, right along Lake Arenal.  It was about a two hour drive from where we live.  We dropped of two people who stayed with us for a few days in La Fortuna and then went on our way.

We drove all the way up there just to adopt a kitten.  Call me crazy, but I love animals.  We adopted a cute little black male kitten that is about 4 months old now.  We had originally named him Cotton because he was all black.  I have an all white cat named Coal and I used to have another all black cat named Snowball; I like opposite names.  I have since changed Cotton’s name to Pancake.  It just seems to fit him better.  He is such an adorable little guy with a very big purr.  He loves to play and cuddle and practice his pouncing at 3 in the morning on me while I am trying to sleep.  Needless to say I haven’t had much sleep in the past two weeks; but it is so worth it.  Almost reminds me of having a baby in the house, but not as much work.

The shelter I adopted him from is called Homeless and Helpless, they do have a webpage.  They need some help also.  Their vehicle has recently broken down and they can’t get it fixed.  They are taking a taxi, sometimes several times a day, to the vet and back.  They take several animals at a time, cats and dogs to the vet.  They really need a vehicle to be able to take care of the animals, to get them the medical care they need.  Many of the animals they take in are street animals that have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves.  They have several people that foster animals for them and they pay for that.  It can get really expensive for them and they rely completely on donations; there is no governmental help with this at all.  If you can make a donation, even a small one it would be greatly appreciated.  They spay and neuter all the cats and dogs that come through their shelter so no one can breed them once they are adopted out.  They have a go fund me page that I will share the link to.  Tell them Pancake said thanks for helping all the homeless and helpless pets.



He looked flat as a pancake and that name just stuck with him.

He looked flat as a pancake and that name just stuck with him.

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