Hoping to meet her

As many of you read my blog the past couple of days you know what has happened.  Well, I have learned more about what happened all those years ago.  But on a great note, my little sister wants to meet me!  I will discuss that later in the post.

As it turns out, my bio-mom actually had a relationship with my bio-dad.  She was in college at the time and he was one of her professors.  Oops.  The story that is being told to me was that he told her that he loved her, would always be there for her, and wanted to take care of her.  Up until she got pregnant.  That is when he told her he would take her to the hospital and pay for the abortion.  She refused, so here I am today.  From my understanding she basically had to hide from him out of fear.  So, she hid out in a battered woman’s shelter until I was born.

Now, fast forward many years.  Bio-grandmother lied to me about me causing problems between her and her husband.  Bio-mom’s husband still doesn’t know about me, she never told him.  So, I am the big dark secrete.  I told my little sis to not tell her dad as it could really cause more problems and I don’t want that.  I have her and that is all that matters to me.

Bio-mom has turned the boys all against me, telling them that I am a drug addict just looking for money to buy more drugs.  I guess she forgot how to be a good Catholic and not break the 10 Commandments, thou shall not bear false witness.  Seriously though, if I were a drug addict, I wouldn’t be this overweight.  Also, I am allergic to opiates.  We found out the hard way when I was in the hospital.  They gave me a morphine shot and the next thing I knew I couldn’t breathe and was in more pain than I came in with.  Happened again at another hospital with a different pain medication.  I am also allergic to codeine.  Even better, the smell of marijuana makes my throat swell.  So, I will stick to wine.

So, all the boys are freaking out about me, thinking I am some terrible person.  It’s OK though.  I am really not going to let it bother me.  Little sis is not buying into bio-moms lies and we are still talking on the phone and over Skype.  I have a US phone number so it is easy to call each other.  She sent me a friend request on Facebook and I waited for her to mention me on her page before I said anything or commented on any of her posts.  I let her make the first move there since she does have other family members on there.  She is a very smart lady studying law, raising a beautiful son, and doing it all on her own.  What a strong young lady.

My little sister is considering joining the military, but isn’t sure yet.  We both have a very military family, both of her parents were in and so was I.  I would like to see her as soon as possible.  I need to go before winter, as I only have two sweaters and one pair of jeans, I don’t want to freeze to death.  But I need help getting up there.  My husband and I just had to redo our entire septic system for our house and we are still paying for that.  We live on a small pension and wasn’t planning on this happening either.  I was hoping to buy the ticket soon before prices started going up.  I would like to go see her the last week of October as it would give me a lot of time to plan ahead.  I do have a go fund me page.  I have waited 40 years for this moment, and she has always wanted a sister.  Can you please help us to meet?  I just want to give her the biggest hug ever.

Thank you.  Pura Vida.


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  1. I am adopted as well. Definitely not an uncomplicated story for me either. I told 2 friends who met their biological children, its not always an Oprah moment. Don’t expect it to be.

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