Life’s been crazy

I know it has been a little while since I posted anything.  Let’s see where to begin.

My biological family.  I have several aunts and uncles that are looking forward to meeting me and many cousins as well.  My sister and I are talking a lot and really getting to know each other.  I am going up to the States next month to visit and meet as many as I can; it is a rather large family.  I have many aunts that wish I would just go away, and my brothers want nothing to do with me.  It’s OK because I am not going to let the negative outweigh the positive.  I was very happy about getting a family medical history and a family tree.  We have ancestors going all the way back to one of the kings of Ireland.  I also found out that we are related to the McCoy’s, as in the Hatfield and McCoy’s.  I had to laugh at that as my husband’s son-in-laws last name is Hatfield.  I found out a lot of really interesting information though, much of which I would have known earlier in life.  But it’s all good.

We had independence day here on the 15th and had a great time.  Saw some friends of ours that we hadn’t seen in a while.  Enjoyed the parade and all the drum bands from the schools.  It is so neat how they celebrate it down here.  The night before they have a lantern walk, where the kids make homemade lanterns and walk around town.  This represents when the people found out about them gaining their independence how they went into the streets to celebrate while holding their lanterns up high.  Each school has a competition to for the lanterns for each grade and the kids win prizes.  We went to one our first year here and had a great time.

About that same time we were coming home one day and seen a dog in the neighborhood that I had never seen before.  The poor girl was very emaciated.  I started taking her food.  I found out who she belonged to and after several attempts we finally got a hold of the lady.  I had a friend of mine go with me to interpret, I still stumble on some things.  We found out that the lady had been ill for the past three months and wasn’t able to work.  She had another dog also that was very thin.  We told her that we could take the dogs, take them to the vet, get them better, get them fixed, and find them homes.  She agreed.  I know this was very hard for her to do, give up the dogs, but she did admit that they needed better than what she was giving them.  We also asked her if she had any food in her house and the answer to that was no.  So, we took her to the supermarket and loaded her up for a while.  She about cried on us.  We had a lot of people come together to help out with all of this.

Today, we found the dogs new homes.  The girl went to a guy down the road from us.  He walks his dog past our house all the time and you can tell he takes great care of him.  The little boy went to a girl who is going to give him to her grandmother.  Her grandmother had been wanting a little dog to keep her company.  The dogs have not been fixed yet, but we told them that when they put on a little more weight we can go to the vet and get them fixed and we will pay for it.  We gave them the leash, collar, and harness for the one.  The little guy had  a leash and a chain.  We also gave them some dog food to get them started for today.  The dogs were both very happy to go with them.  I think it is a good match and they are close enough that we will be able to check on them.

So, a lot happened last month.  Hoping this month will be more relaxing for us.  It just seems so quiet now.  But we still have our two puppies and the cats.  Until mañana, Pura Vida!


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  1. I’m SOOO HAPPY for you Cheri (“Roo”)!! Just please hold those that haven’t embraced you yet in their Light. EVERYONE has LOTS of healing to do & people HOPEFULLY do choose to grow & change!!! If not – it’s VERY SAD for them as you had nothing to do with what happened & if they can’t see that – well, let’s just say I hope they’re not calling themselves Christians or followers of Jesus as that’s certainly not very Jesus like!

    I KNOW you’re going to have an AMAZING time getting to know this other part of you!!!

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