update 1: Feb 2, 2016

So, I went and had my ultrasound done today at a wonderful clinic in Guapiles.  I walked in and there was basically a hostess.  She greeted me and asked what I was there for and then directed me where to go.  The lady who checked me in was extremely nice to me and giggled when I told her that my Spanish wasn’t that great.  She said I did fine with it.  I paid in advance for the ultrasound, just under $70.  I did not have any private insurance for this.  My husband comes in after parking the car and I sit next to him.  The lady who originally greeted me walked over and asked if we would like any coffee or water.  I forgot my water bottle at home so I definitely needed some.  She brought it to me with a smile.  She was one of those people that had a contagious smile.  I didn’t wait very long and they called my name, always mutilating it here, and took me back to another waiting area.  I sat there for a little while, maybe 30 minutes, and got to go in.  The appointment was set between 11am and 1pm and was a first come first serve basis.  I think I actually got in before 11.

The technician was very nice.  He spoke great English, better than he thinks.  He got me to relax and told me everything that he was doing and when he was doing it.  I did let him know that I do have a medical degree so I am not going to be too surprised by anything he finds.  He did find a couple of things.  There is a tumor that is on the big size and it will have to be biopsied.  He also found a cyst, which I have had a cyst removed in my throat before when I was a teenager.  I asked him straight up on what the chances are on the tumor being cancerous and he told me 50/50.  I can deal with that.  Thyroid cancer is normally a very easy cancer to cure.  There are several different types and if it is cancer we just need to figure out which one it is and go from there.  Tuesday I go for my blood work, I hope I get the same phlebotomist that I had last time, she was great.  I guess I will take the ultrasound results to my doctor either Wednesday or Thursday as I don’t want to go on Monday…that’s my birthday.

On a good note, for those of you that have been following, I found a wedding cake today!  My husband and I are having a wedding here in Costa Rica to renew our vows and to have a marriage certificate for here.  It is a beautiful cake that they can make with purple roses, purple is my favorite color, three tier and under $70.  It’s gorgeous.

I take the good with bad.  I try not to dwell on the bad and I try to celebrate the good.  Until mañana, Pura Vida!


This is the ultrasound machine, made by GE.  Excellent equipment.



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