Update 2: February 16, 2016

Yesterday was my birthday but I still managed to crawl out of bed early to go to the clinic and see the doctor.  I gave her the results of the ultrasound which actually contained some semi-good news.  There is a tumor, but it does show cancerous characteristics.  I spoke with my sister last Saturday afternoon and she told me that my biological mother did have a non-cancerous tumor on her thyroid as well.  Here’s hoping for the best.  I still need to get it biopsied though to be sure.  I got up early today also to go to the other clinic for my blood work.  I get cranky without coffee in the morning too.  Luckily we got there early before the long line formed and I was in and out without a long wait.  I do like how they take pregnant women and the elderly first here.  If you are over the age of 65 and have a “carnet de oro”, you go first just about anywhere.  That is like a golden insurance card.  They also take disabled persons first too.

I don’t know when my biopsy will be yet.  I have to wait for them to give me an appointment for that.  But I did speak to my neighbor this morning, who is always getting me to buy Tupperware from her.  She did have thyroid cancer three years ago.  I never noticed the scare before today until she pointed it out.  They had to operate on hers to remove the cancer and then she took the radiation iodine tablets and she has been cancer free since!  She told me that she went to a private doctor for the biopsy and had the results in three days, the cost was under $100.  I might just go that route to speed things up.  If I go to a private doctor I can always take the results back to my public doctor and go from there.  I like being able to use the two systems together.  Our monthly premium here is around $100 a month.  When we left the States about five years ago we were paying $524 a month plus all the co-pays.  Here, I don’t have any co-pays for my prescriptions because I get them through the public system that we pay into.

So, waiting for the blood test results and need a biopsy.  Then we go from there.  Until mañana, Pura Vida!


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